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Build your own custom belt!


Pick Your Color.

Pick Your Buckle.

Pick Your Belt Width.

Measure yourself (or a belt that you already own)

*please do not use pant sizes as they are not true to actual waist size*

Add your measurment.

We'll do the rest!


So! How should you measure yourself?

Grab a tape measure, wrap it around your belt loops, and from 0 - whatever number reads, input that as your size.

**Keep in mind, depending on if your pants are high waisted or low on your hips, your measurment will change, so if you need holes to accomodate multiple pairs please write your measurements from smallest to largest in the size section**

If you're measuring a belt that you already own. Please don't use the company size printed on that belt, please measure from the base of the buckle (like images above) to the hole that you reguarly use. The distance from the base of the buckle to that hole is where we will place your center hole, giving you 5 inches (in total) of adjustability to go smaller and or larger if needed.


*** All products are made to order by hand and can take up to 4-6 weeks to ship from the date they are ordered ***


*Please note colors may vary from images due to the use of staged lighting during our photography process and the natural variations of leather hides. We only utilize natural marked hides that are from cows that lived a happy healthy life, so often bags will have their own scratches, scars, freckles, brand marks and small 'imperfections' making each bag completely unique from the next.*

Custom Belt (Unisex)

$55.00 Regular Price
$47.30Sale Price