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Named after one of our favorite Vermont swimming holes, the #10 is our newest and cutest zippered mini purse.


Measuring a whopping 8" wide, by 5" tall, and with a depth of 2" this little cutie is perfect for dropping your cellphone, keys and wallet in and hitting the road. *Please note sizing will vary slightly depending on the dexterity & temper of the hide, some leathers stretch more than others*


It features an adjustable buckle strap that can be tailored specificially to your own height too.

Does it get better than this? We doubt it! Well, unless you take this baby to the lake, or for a night on the town... then you might really be onto something!


*** All products are made to order by hand and can take up to 4-6 weeks to ship from the date they are ordered ***


*Please note colors may vary from images due to the use of staged lighting during our photography process and the natural variations of leather hides. We only utilize natural marked hides that are from cows that lived a happy healthy life, so often bags will have their own scratches, scars, freckles, brand marks and small 'imperfections' making each bag completely unique from the next.*

Patchwork #10’s