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The Bergamot Promise

Who we are and what we stand for doesn't begin or end with us. It all starts with and ends with all of you; Vermont Community and the folks that live, shop and work in the green mountains. Almost 30% of our company profits are redirected and donated back into our local communities - Helping families in need, supporting youth programs, raising scholarship funds for young adults, even purchasing community breakfast and coffees 'just because' you can work better with a full stomach and a cup of joe. The Bergamot Promise is simple. Do good by those around you. Help out when you can, and leave greed for the big corporations. We aren't in this to 'get rich', we are in this because we are passionate about making, and LOVE this little state and all the amazing people in it. We promise, for as long as we exist to always pay it forward and do our absolute best to leave this world better than how we found it, whether its small acts of kindness or big monetary donations. We encourage you to do the same. <3

All our love, 

Amanda & Peter

Bergamot + Amor


The Corbett Family Fundraiser

Bergamot + Amor utitilized 100% of their company profits for a week, and through social media campaigns were able to generate $10,000.00 to donate to the Corbett Family. Funds that will directly help a Vermont father battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer with two young kiddos and lovely spouse at home.


Williston North Hampton School - Varsity Girls Hockey

Bergamot + Amor makes annual donations to hundreds of Youth Sports Teams through out Vermont in a calendar year, one being the Williston North Hampton School! These donations go in the form of physical Leather Goods as well as monetary donations to assure each player on the team across the state have jerseys and appropriate safety gear to continue to play the sports they love, regardless of their family income & poverty levels.


March of Dimes - Magida Family Fundraiser

Bergamot + Amor made a $300 purse contribution to be auctioned off to help raise funds for the Magida Family March of Dimes Fundraiser Event. Over $1,400 in profits have been generated and growing! This event is active until Friday April 1st, 2022.

On information on how to participate please visit:


Bikers For Beth (two years of contributions)

For the last two years Bergamot + Amor has donated $600 worth of products to be auctioned off to help raise funds for the Biker's for Beth Annual Recipient. These donations have helped generate massive funds that in turn are donated directly to the annual recipient battling cancer. - Peter's father was a Biker's for Beth recipient prior to his passing in 2014 of brain cancer.

For more information on this fundraiser and how to participate please reach out to:


The Bayne Family Fundraiser

Bergamot + Amor utitilized 100% of their company profits for a week, and through social media campaigns were able to generate $10,000.00 to donate to The Bayne Family Fundraiser. Funds that went directly to help a Vermont child battling an unexpected brain aneurysm.


The Special Olympics - Vermont Penguin Plunge

Bergamot + Amor donated $200 worth of product to a Vermonter raising money for the Special Olympics. That community member then was able to raise $1,700+ by raffling off the product and by committing to a frozen plunge in Lake Champlain. 


Randolph Winterfest Sponsorship

Bergamot + Amor now annually sponsors The Randolph Winterfest - which brings a full free day of outside fun to an entire community. From boxcar races, to treasure hunts, and downhill tubing to even the food hall and fireworks! It is an event that is ALL about community and giving back while having fun.

For more event information visit:

Please note this is only a small selection of donations Bergamot + Amor has made since kicking off their business in January of 2021. For a full list of donations & contributions or any questions / inquires on upcoming fundraising efforts please reach out to

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